Freiburg, Germany
June 11-16, 2011
21st International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

Local Transportation

While the main conference is located in the centre of Freiburg, the workshops, tutorials and doctoral consortium on June 11-13 will take place on the computer science campus. This campus is not directly in the centre but can easily be reached by local transportation.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi, which costs 12-16 EUR from the city centre. The address is Georges-Köhler-Allee 101. Since some taxi drivers do not know this street (because it is on the campus), we recommend carrying a printout of the surrounding map to help explain where you want to go.

The Google map for ICAPS shows the three main routes from the centre to the computer science campus:

  • The Breisgau S-Bahn (BSB, local train) from the central station (Freiburg Hauptbahnhof) to Freiburg Messe/Universität is the fastest connection, taking only 3 minutes, but during most of the day it only runs once per hour.
  • Bus No. 10 from Siegesdenkmal to Bärenweg is a pretty direct connection that takes 10 minutes and runs fairly frequently. The bus stop Bärenweg is within 5 minutes walking distance of the campus (cf. surrounding map). From many downtown hotels, this is the fastest option.
  • Bus No. 11 also takes about 10 minutes and leaves from the bus station (Freiburg im Breisgau ZOB), which is adjacent to the central train station, between the two large bridges. There are many bus platforms at the bus station, and the correct one is on the opposite side of the street to all the others, near the concert hall and Novotel hotel (bus platform 15 on this map of the bus station). Leave the bus at the stop Freiburg Technische Fakultät, which is is only 50m from building 101 where the satellite program is hosted.

The best way to plan a journey by local transport is the website of Deutsche Bahn although they do not operate the buses and local trains and therefore do not sell tickets. When searching for bus connections, prepend "Freiburg" to the name of each bus stop (e.g. "Freiburg Siegesdenkmal", to "Freiburg Bärenweg"). You can purchase tickets from the vending machines inside the trains and buses or at the main station (accept coins only with very few exceptions; vending machines inside the train station accept small bills; change given). If you don't have coins but do have small bills and are traveling by bus, you can also buy your ticket from the bus driver, but they do not particularly like this.

Here are the best connections that take you to the computer science campus in the morning:

Saturday, June 11 (Doctoral Consortium day)

09:56 Siegesdenkmal Bus 10 towards Paduaallee
10:07 Bärenweg
10:12 Computer Science Campus walking
9+5 minutes, 2.10 EUR
10:09 Hauptbahnhof bus station (ZOB) Bus 11 towards Paduaallee
10:18 Technische Fakultät
9 minutes, 2.10 EUR
10:24 Hauptbahnhof platform 5 Breisgau S-Bahn (BSB) towards Breisach
10:27 Freiburg Messe/Universität
3 minutes, 2.10 EUR

Sunday and Monday, June 12 and 13 (workshop and tutorial days)

08:05 Siegesdenkmal Bus 10 towards Paduaallee
08:15 Bärenweg
08:20 Computer Science Campus walking
10+5 minutes, 2.10 EUR
08:24 Hauptbahnhof Breisgau S-Bahn (BSB) towards Breisach
08:27 Freiburg Messe/Universität
3 minutes, 2.10 EUR
08:35 Siegesdenkmal Bus 10 towards Paduaallee
08:45 Bärenweg
08:50 Computer Science Campus walking
10+5 minutes, 2.10 EUR
Please remember to leave time to register for the conference!